Money exchange during travel

The most important thing which is required to travel is “Money”, I am not sure but there are around 180 plus currencies are circulating in the world with different exchange rates.

Subject to where you go, and where you from, you will need to exchange your own currency into that of your destination. How far your money will go based on exchange rates: they may make you feel like a bankrupt, or a millionaire.

You can use the to know the current exchange rate, it’s better to be prepared with the amount you are going to spend in your destination country, suppose you plan $1000 to spend on your travel in another country so, first thing you have to do check the exchange rate and then check the cost of living in that city/country. is the best tool to compare the cost of living between two cities.

Moreover, there are some currencies (US$, the British £, the European €, the Yen and the Swiss Franc) which are acceptable widely, so if you have a hold of these currencies that’s Great for you.

Additionally, never forget to carry International Credit cards

Following are some money saving trips, which will help in saving some moolah:

  • Look for positive exchange rates
  • When one currency increases against yours, other may fall
  • Plan low-season travel
  • Book ahead for the best deals

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