Languages in World

I may be wrong but there are nearly 6000 languages spoken in the world today and they are divided in some main languages around 6 or 7 and rest as secondary languages.

Top five most speaking languages are Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi & Arabic and Mandarin have coverage of 14% of world population (of Couse due to population), for more information about the languages, you can Visit Wiki page

Moreover, the size of countries and populations don’t necessarily account for numbers of languages, in New Guinea almost 452 languages are spoken by a people of only 3.5 million.

Before travelling to your desired destination, make a note of language spoken at that place and check your comfort level against those languages and  don’t Panic, if you don’t have any comfort level in any language, as a smile can go a long way, even mid of the people you share no language with.

Having said that, just learn some world of language spoken at your destination and this can show a lot of new doors.

Moreover, you can use some Mobile apps as translator which can work as a Guide on your travel.

The next big thing you should know about before planning a travel is Time Zone.



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