Documents for Travel

It won’t be wrong if I use a phrase, Once upon a time there were less document required to travel from one country to other, but now a days you need a valid passport to leave your country and enter in another country, Passport is issued by your home country that certified that you are […]

Money exchange during travel

The most important thing which is required to travel is “Money”, I am not sure but there are around 180 plus currencies are circulating in the world with different exchange rates. Subject to where you go, and where you from, you will need to exchange your own currency into that of your destination. How far […]

Time Zones in the World

When resident of Australia are sleeping, people of India might be enjoying Chai/Coffee in the late afternoon and people of London might be having lunch and in Ney York it’s time to get up. Having said that, the entire world is distributed in so many time zones, I think they might be more than 24 […]

Languages in World

I may be wrong but there are nearly 6000 languages spoken in the world today and they are divided in some main languages around 6 or 7 and rest as secondary languages. Top five most speaking languages are Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi & Arabic and Mandarin have coverage of 14% of world population (of Couse […]

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